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Teaching a 1/2 biker new tricks

Alex at MTB Tandems inc. recently ask the Tandem Mountain Bikes Facebook group “Why do you ride tandem mountain bikes?”. It is interesting to read all the responses. You can tell that for many, riding tandems is very important and meaningful to them. One of the reasons I (not Lisa as it does not apply) like riding…
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I’ll ride my bike and you can walk your bike or lets get a tandem

Yesterday out riding I seemed to pass an abnormally high number of couples out riding on the trails. Maybe it was the good weather and longer daylight. The scenario I saw was that the guys were riding or waiting and the women were walking what appeared to be nice new bikes.Maybe they were demo bikes? It need not be the…
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Switchbacks by Example

I have been working to learn more about YouTube, editing video and making some instructional videos. Last Friday Lisa and I spent the ride taking a video of each switchback. I have edited the video down to only the switchbacks and added in slow motion instant replay. When I look at this video, I don’t have…
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Left, right, bump; Captain needs more power!

One comment tandem teams often hear from 1/2 bikes is, “You must have to tell the stoker everything–stand, left, right, bump, power….” I have seen many solutionsto this. I have ridden with teams in which the captain is constantly talking, however, I myself say very little. I suggest every team experiment a little and find…
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