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Getting ready for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo

Lisa and I ride a fair amount mostly on our 1/2 bikes, Lisa about 5k-6K per year and I get in about 8k-9k of mostly MTB miles. Most of our miles on our tandem are at events, S.O.O.R.T.A, races… I always feel like our bikes are neglected. Either from just riding them day after day…
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Breck Epic, 2 of 6 days.

Lisa and I are racing the Breck Epic this week. We are both really impressed with the atmosphere at the event, the running of the event, and the courses. There are 3 tandems racing today, Brenda and Bob F., Henry A. and Amy M. and Lisa and I. We are all entered in the Co-ed Duo…
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Chasing a half bikes down Chimney gulch

Fun video of Lisa and I on our tandem chasing a fast half bike. We met up with Mike F. as we came up Apex. We discussed how lucky we were to be riding dirt today and how great it was to live in the Golden Colorado area. Strava link. We had fun trying to…
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I’ll ride my bike and you can walk your bike or lets get a tandem

Yesterday out riding I seemed to pass an abnormally high number of couples out riding on the trails. Maybe it was the good weather and longer daylight. The scenario I saw was that the guys were riding or waiting and the women were walking what appeared to be nice new bikes.Maybe they were demo bikes? It need not be the…
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Teplitzky Art tandem mugs

I got a great opportunity for you all, Josh Teplitzky from Teplitzky Art is up for making a run of 10-20 “pairs” of tandem themed mugs. You may have seen a photo of a pair Dan O. had made or check out the Teplitzky Art Instagram page for an idea of his work. These are handmade mugs something…
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First day on trips are not working out for us.

Lisa and I were at a team training camp in Moab UT. On the first day, we dropped the bike in some sand with the right Di1 shifter finding the only rock in the sand. We were out on the Navajo Rocks trails with no way to fix the shifter on the trail but near…
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“You’re on-camera effect”

The “you’re on camera effect” can be a real hassle when trying to record how-to videos. The stoping, placing the camera and trying to demonstrate some skill is always a challenge and the on camera does not help. Lisa and I usually don’t have a problem if we make a short stop while out riding a trail but…
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