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Tandem Build: With all the parts at hand.

I can’t remember the last time I built a bike, tandem or otherwise when I had all the parts on hand at the start. Well, ok maybe I have built a few retail boxed bikes. Like my Trek Top Fuel, that I got from Big Ring cycles. Although that was not a smooth build, I…
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Gearing: There are many good options now.

It is an interesting time for MTB tandems now. The standard required tandem specific cranks in the past was a triple front with 8,9,10 speed on the rear. Now we have 1X or 2X options, and you can reliably use right side timing chains–meaning you can use standard cranks. The answer will be different for many of you.…
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New crank and power meter setup: RaceFace CINCH power meter spindle

When I originally setup our current Ventana ECDM last April, I was pressed for time trying to get it completed before the Whiskey off-road in Prescott AZ. I was wanting to have power meters in front and rear and a 2X rear gear setup with right side drive. At the time Stages power meters were the only…
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Archer Components D1X shifter review

Archer Components D1X Shifter review Quality: 9 out of 10 I was very impressed with the build quality! Mechanically everything worked perfectly. The user interfaces for setup in the app could be improved; I expect there will be an app update soon. Install: 9 out of 10 Everything went well. Watching the install videos is helpful, and…
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Possible holy grail of shifting for MTB tandems: Archer Components D1x Shifters.

What is the most talked about thing when a group of MTB tandem riders get together? Possibly shifters, gearing, and cassettes. Archer components may be the new go-to solution. “The magic of D1x is that its user programs each shift individually using a smartphone, so D1x can be adapted to any combination of derailleur or cassette” Who can…
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