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Teplitzky Art tandem mugs

I got a great opportunity for you all, Josh Teplitzky from Teplitzky Art is up for making a run of 10-20 “pairs” of tandem themed mugs. You may have seen a photo of a pair Dan O. had made or check out the Teplitzky Art Instagram page for an idea of his work. These are handmade mugs something…
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MTB Tandem satire #2

For your enjoyment, a little more MTB tandem satire. This video is not as good as the last satire. I need to get more proficient at editing and video production. I will be releasing “How To” video of riding drops on your tandem soon, I hope. Please subscribe to my youtube channel, it helps unlock some publishing…
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First day on trips are not working out for us.

Lisa and I were at a team training camp in Moab UT. On the first day, we dropped the bike in some sand with the right Di1 shifter finding the only rock in the sand. We were out on the Navajo Rocks trails with no way to fix the shifter on the trail but near…
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“You’re on-camera effect”

The “you’re on camera effect” can be a real hassle when trying to record how-to videos. The stoping, placing the camera and trying to demonstrate some skill is always a challenge and the on camera does not help. Lisa and I usually don’t have a problem if we make a short stop while out riding a trail but…
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Switchbacks by Example

I have been working to learn more about YouTube, editing video and making some instructional videos. Last Friday Lisa and I spent the ride taking a video of each switchback. I have edited the video down to only the switchbacks and added in slow motion instant replay. When I look at this video, I don’t have…
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New crank and power meter setup: RaceFace CINCH power meter spindle

When I originally setup our current Ventana ECDM last April, I was pressed for time trying to get it completed before the Whiskey off-road in Prescott AZ. I was wanting to have power meters in front and rear and a 2X rear gear setup with right side drive. At the time Stages power meters were the only…
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Archer Components D1X shifter review

Archer Components D1X Shifter review Quality: 9 out of 10 I was very impressed with the build quality! Mechanically everything worked perfectly. The user interfaces for setup in the app could be improved; I expect there will be an app update soon. Install: 9 out of 10 Everything went well. Watching the install videos is helpful, and…
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Laramie Enduro

Registration: open for the 2018 Laramie Enduro on July 28 is now open. This is a great event for tandems, they actually have a tandem category and have for years. The course was changed last year, adding more singletrack and a slightly shorter course of two 28 mile laps with a short option of 1 lap. Race…
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Possible holy grail of shifting for MTB tandems: Archer Components D1x Shifters.

What is the most talked about thing when a group of MTB tandem riders get together? Possibly shifters, gearing, and cassettes. Archer components may be the new go-to solution. “The magic of D1x is that its user programs each shift individually using a smartphone, so D1x can be adapted to any combination of derailleur or cassette” Who can…
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Left, right, bump; Captain needs more power!

One comment tandem teams often hear from 1/2 bikes is, “You must have to tell the stoker everything–stand, left, right, bump, power….” I have seen many solutionsto this. I have ridden with teams in which the captain is constantly talking, however, I myself say very little. I suggest every team experiment a little and find…
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