Golden, Colorado

Author: Vincent

Getting ready for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo

Lisa and I ride a fair amount mostly on our 1/2 bikes, Lisa about 5k-6K per year and I get in about 8k-9k of mostly MTB miles. Most of our miles on our tandem are at events, S.O.O.R.T.A, races… I always feel like our bikes are neglected. Either from just riding them day after day…
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Tandem Build: With all the parts at hand.

I can’t remember the last time I built a bike, tandem or otherwise when I had all the parts on hand at the start. Well, ok maybe I have built a few retail boxed bikes. Like my Trek Top Fuel, that I got from Big Ring cycles. Although that was not a smooth build, I…
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Breck Epic, 2 of 6 days.

Lisa and I are racing the Breck Epic this week. We are both really impressed with the atmosphere at the event, the running of the event, and the courses. There are 3 tandems racing today, Brenda and Bob F., Henry A. and Amy M. and Lisa and I. We are all entered in the Co-ed Duo…
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Epic Rides, 2018 Grand Junction Off-road 40

The Grand Junction Off-Road 40 is a hard event, and I am still not sure of the best race strategy. The race starts in downtown Grand Junction taking some roads out to the Grand Junction Lunch Loops and up the Tabeguache trail.  Full map – Grand Junction Off-Road – 40 Grand (2018). This year as with the…
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Whiskey Off-road 50 2018

Saturday Lisa and I raced the Whiskey Off-road 50. This is the second time I have raced it, both times on a tandem. There is no tandem category, maybe someday they will. I heard there where 5 tandem teams but I only know of the Devlin’s who raced the 30-mile race but I think they took…
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Chasing a half bikes down Chimney gulch

Fun video of Lisa and I on our tandem chasing a fast half bike. We met up with Mike F. as we came up Apex. We discussed how lucky we were to be riding dirt today and how great it was to live in the Golden Colorado area. Strava link. We had fun trying to…
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Teaching a 1/2 biker new tricks

Alex at MTB Tandems inc. recently ask the Tandem Mountain Bikes Facebook group “Why do you ride tandem mountain bikes?”. It is interesting to read all the responses. You can tell that for many, riding tandems is very important and meaningful to them. One of the reasons I (not Lisa as it does not apply) like riding…
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Onboard with a tandem stoker

Lisa and I got up with the plan to get out and ride early but I woke with a really bad migraine and spent 3hours trying to get the pain down to something manageable, Lisa ended up needing to be on a conference call, our nanny was sick. Needless to say, the planed did not work…
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Gearing: There are many good options now.

It is an interesting time for MTB tandems now. The standard required tandem specific cranks in the past was a triple front with 8,9,10 speed on the rear. Now we have 1X or 2X options, and you can reliably use right side timing chains–meaning you can use standard cranks. The answer will be different for many of you.…
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I’ll ride my bike and you can walk your bike or lets get a tandem

Yesterday out riding I seemed to pass an abnormally high number of couples out riding on the trails. Maybe it was the good weather and longer daylight. The scenario I saw was that the guys were riding or waiting and the women were walking what appeared to be nice new bikes.Maybe they were demo bikes? It need not be the…
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