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Breck Epic, 2 of 6 days.

Breck Epic, 2 of 6 days.

Lisa and I are racing the Breck Epic this week. We are both really impressed with the atmosphere at the event, the running of the event, and the courses. There are 3 tandems racing today, Brenda and Bob F., Henry A. and Amy M. and Lisa and I. We are all entered in the Co-ed Duo class but today they just changed that and gave us our own tandem category.

The first stage, Pennsylvania Creek, got delayed and shortened due to rain both of which circumstances was fine with Lisa and me. The start was at 10:30AM and the course was 17miles, basically up a hard climb and down a fun descent. Here is my Strava. We chased a team, 2 half bikes from Costa Rica, up the climb. We had them in sight most of the time but they were definitely faster than us climbing. When we came out on Boreas pass road we slowed a bit to get a drink then started chasing them down the hill. It was about 1-2 miles downhill on a dirt road but they now were in sight, I couldn’t figure out why we were not catching them, still don’t really get that. When we turned into the trail we finally saw them. When the trail finally started to get serious about going downhill we passed them and put a couple minutes on them before the finish. I never saw the first place team, which finished 1min ahead of us.

Today, Stage 2 was hard or maybe I just made it hard. The first climb was long, steep and seemed to never end. The only sucky part today was being in a long line of riders after the first climb with no room to pass or anything to really gain from it. We felt good up the Colorado trail climb and the descent was a blast. I would have been happy for the race to finish there. We still had 18 more miles of hard riding. We had passed the team we battled yesterday on the decent, they caught and passed us after the second aid station on the next climb. Lisa and I had stopped and spent some time at each aid, I am not sure if the other teams (1st and 3rd) were stopping or just grabbing bottles and going. At the end of the day, we lost the time we had on 3rd and we are now in 3rd. We are now 6:34 down on 1st and ~1min down on 2nd. My goal going into this race was to win the Duo COED race. We are still in the running and I think 2nd is very doable but 1st, I think something would have to happen, mechanical, bad day… This is the 4th year they have done this race, They know what they are doing. Here are the results. Here is my Strava.

There were a few riders in the Duo COED class that helped encourage the promoter to move us into our own tandem category. This is super awesome and an example of what makes this race great. Now all you tandem riders out there need to sign up now, they have 50 spots open at the cheapest rate you will see. Click here NOW???

Lisa and I will still be comparing our times to the COED racers but this does take the pressure off a little. The other tandems, Brenda and Bob F., Henry A. and Amy M., seem to be having a good time.

These days are getting long and there does not seem to be enough time in the day. I will try to post more photos and tomorrow.

There are videos being posted here.

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