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Whiskey Off-road 50 2018

Whiskey Off-road 50 2018

Saturday Lisa and I raced the Whiskey Off-road 50. This is the second time I have raced it, both times on a tandem. There is no tandem category, maybe someday they will. I heard there where 5 tandem teams but I only know of the Devlin’s who raced the 30-mile race but I think they took “hard” the trail options. Even though there is no tandem category Lisa and I are happy to compare our times with the overall time. The course this year was not good for our stills. While we have ok power and endurance we do best on a hard technical trail that requires less power and more skill and endurance. Even better is a mostly downhill trail. The video below, after the start, is of this downhill, the East Copper trail 260. We would like to see the return of more singletrack.

We had issues with our chain dropping off the small ring when shifting from the large several time. This is the first time racing with the 24th small ring. We need to get that figured out. Then climbing out of Skull Valley we were standing the drive chain broke. I had a quick link so after removing the bad link I was able to get the new link in and get going fairly quick. We spent too long at the aid station at the top of Skull Valley but then the oranges were so tasty.

There were a few other Racer X Cycling teammates, Jon Cox Jeff Pool and Peter Furness all of which raced the 30. Over 1,00 riders started the 30miler.
Enjoy the photos and videos below.
Our next tandem race is the Grand Junction Off-Road on May 19th, a much more technical course.

The day after the race we had an easy ride through McDowell Mountain Ranch Park. If you have never ridden here, there is nothing too technical unless your cross over to the west side of the mountains. Its nice place to just cruise which is all I wanted to do the day after.

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    Lisa looks so happy! Nice job you two.

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