Golden, Colorado

Onboard with a tandem stoker

Onboard with a tandem stoker

Lisa and I got up with the plan to get out and ride early but I woke with a really bad migraine and spent 3hours trying to get the pain down to something manageable, Lisa ended up needing to be on a conference call, our nanny was sick. Needless to say, the planed did not work out but we did get a chance to try out a few new camera mounts. Lisa is wearing a STUNTMAN 360 – Shoulder harness and I had a STUNTMAN 360 – Chest harness, video from that later. This has got to give any captain a lot of respect for their stoker.

Onboard with a tandem stoker down a short technical section on the east side or North Table mountain in Golden, Co. It is hard to see, that is the point, the top turn is technical because of the rock. 
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  1. Dave says:

    Awesome video! Demonstrates how much trust our stokers place in we captains!

    On a different note, do you ever wear protective gear like shin guards or elbow/forearm guards?

    • Vincent says:

      Thanks! We wear helmets and that is it. We just have not had the need over the years, not that we never crash.

  2. Richard Root says:

    The shoulder camera gives a nice perspective. Lisa appears to have huge smile the entire time. Nice video you two.

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