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Teplitzky Art tandem mugs

Teplitzky Art tandem mugs

I got a great opportunity for you all, Josh Teplitzky from Teplitzky Art is up for making a run of 10-20 “pairs” of tandem themed mugs. You may have seen a photo of a pair Dan O. had made or check out the Teplitzky Art Instagram page for an idea of his work. These are handmade mugs something really special and unique.

He is currently making an example for us and I need to get an idea of how many are interested.

The possible options are.

  • A standard pair of handmade Tandem mug, road or MTB themed, ~$55
  • Semi-custom pair of handmade mugs, you provide the image/picture and may include your name or Captian, Stoker. ~$65
  • Full custom handmade pair of mugs. ~$75, It is art so you will get an artistic interpretation of what you want.

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Complete this form if you are interested in a pair of Teplitzky Art mugs.

Please, complete this form.

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