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First day on trips are not working out for us.

First day on trips are not working out for us.

Lisa and I were at a team training camp in Moab UT. On the first day, we dropped the bike in some sand with the right Di1 shifter finding the only rock in the sand. We were out on the Navajo Rocks trails with no way to fix the shifter on the trail but near the Middle Earth cut to get back the Sprinter. With our new 2X1 setup, which is only better than walking we rode back to the Sprinter while the rest of the group continued. Riding back I was formulating a plan, what are my options? If I can get internet I could download the Di2 (E-TubeProject) app on my phone and reprogram the left shifter to shift the rear. While waiting for the app to slowly download, does 3G even work anymore, we started calling bike shops, the conversation seemed to start with “can you hear me, hello, hello..” to see if there was any chance of was a replacement in town, no luck. The only positive thing happening was that it was raining and hailing outside and we were nice and warm while the others were still riding. The rain and hail did not last long. I get the app downloaded and the left shifter programmed. I had never used the iPhone app, I think I prefer it to the PC app.

I was super stoked and we headed out in a rush to catch up with our group. Now not only did I need to adapt to shifting with the left shifter but I setup the button opposite or normal. Adapting was strange, the left shifter had always felt good as a front shifter, now as a rear shifter it felt completely wrong. I guess this is because I am right handed and my left hand is not as proficient at learning new skills. It felt wrong is a way I cant explain well. The result is that I was super stoked about a solution that in practice was really frustrating to use, but we were riding. At first, I had the front derailleur set to manual mode and since there was no shifter for it we where just using the 34 ring. After a bit, I tried the automatic shift modes. Since I don’t use this normally it was not setup how I would have liked not sure if it was better or not. It was nice to have easier gears but it took even more thought about when the front would auto shift.  By the end of the ride, I was somewhat competent to shift. This of course results in the dilemma, “do I reprogram the buttons to how I would normally have them for the next day?”.  I did reprogram the buttons but never got much better at the shifting than I did the end of the first day.


Broken shifter

Spare shifters left at home 🙁

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