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“You’re on-camera effect”

“You’re on-camera effect”

The “you’re on camera effect” can be a real hassle when trying to record how-to videos. The stoping, placing the camera and trying to demonstrate some skill is always a challenge and the on camera does not help. Lisa and I usually don’t have a problem if we make a short stop while out riding a trail but heading out to a location to record, thsat is not so good. Saturday in Moab after several days of riding and our last day there I wanted to go ride our and take some video going down a challenging switchback at the bottom of Killer B DH. This is a challenging descent in the Moab Brands trail area. Lisa ride up to the trail, hike up just past the last switchback, setup the camera, and go. I have done this descent at least 4 times on a tandem and made it each time. This time we “made it” but not with any style, I think this makes it 4.5 out of 5. There are still lessons to be learned.

  • Stoker needs confidence and should stay clipped in (Captain must be willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the confidant stoker).
  • Bike are stable when moving sometimes you must let off the brakes to stay upright.
  • Warm up to challenging obstacles. Don’t start by staring down the barrel.
  • Don’t do it on camera.

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