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New crank and power meter setup: RaceFace CINCH power meter spindle

New crank and power meter setup: RaceFace CINCH power meter spindle

When I originally setup our current Ventana ECDM last April, I was pressed for time trying to get it completed before the Whiskey off-road in Prescott AZ. I was wanting to have power meters in front and rear and a 2X rear gear setup with right side drive. At the time Stages power meters were the only option. The problem is that while I was able to get a Shimano XTR front crank, they did not have the XT triple crank I had on my previous ECDM needed to achieve the 2X with right-sided drive. Luckily Seth and BigRing Cycles had a set of previous generation XTR triple crankset with a Stages power meter. I got it setup with 26X38 rings to the rear and a 36 wide-narrow RaceFace timing rings. This worked well, and I have run it for almost a year now, but the chain alignment was never great because the rear cranks are 3X and the front 2X, and it mixed old and new parts. The stoker Stages power meter was an earlier version and was not very reliable (not really sure what the deal was there). Long story short, while it worked fine, I was never super happy with it. I knew RaceFace was making nice cranksets and released a spindle power meter option last year. I incorrectly thought this spindle only fit a BB30 setup and had not looked into how it worked further. Recently wanting to have a better and more reliable power meter setup with a cleaner crank setup I researched the Faceface power meter and crank options, discovered they would work and started to configure a setup.

RaceFace crank and power meter setup:
Taking a look at the RaceFace website, it is not really clear how to compare the cranks options–I want lightweight of course and reliable. I wanted to stick with the 2X gearing with right-sided timing for now. Here is what I why I choose what I did:

  • CINCH SPIDER 3X/104 BCD for front and rear.
  • NEXT SL G4 cranks for the front, RaceFace’s new light XC cranks.
  • NEXT R cranks for the rear. These are a stronger crank. The rear cranks seem to get a lot more abuse, in fact when I removed the rear pedals both XTR pedals simples were bent, The right side significantly.
  • CINCH power meter spindle front and rear, 134 spacing.
  • RaceFace 34T wide narrow chainrings for timing.
  • RaceFace 26-34 rear chainrings.
  • You will need extra chainring bolts.
  • RaceFace CINCH Bottom bracket
  • If installing yourself, will also need a couple special tools, Park BBT-79 for the bottom brackets and an old style BB tool BBT-22

Final thoughts:
The install went well except I didn’t have the Park BBT-79 tool, I hand tightened the BB and stopped at BigRing mid-ride to tighten them. The Power meters are easy to setup and update with the iPhone app. The only confusing part is trying to figure out which power meter is on which end. I am really happy with the whole install and setup and happy with how it all worked on our first ride Strava links, Vincent, Lisa. I was a little disappointed and surprised that the weight was a little more than the old setup but this is mostly because I choose to get the stronger, heavier rear cranks.
Weight is with BB.
OLD: 782g Rear 639g Front = 1421g Total
New: 757g Rear, 635g Front = 1421g Total



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