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Laramie Enduro

Laramie Enduro

Registration: open for the 2018 Laramie Enduro on July 28 is now open. This is a great event for tandems, they actually have a tandem category and have for years. The course was changed last year, adding more singletrack and a slightly shorter course of two 28 mile laps with a short option of 1 lap.

Race Review: Last year Lisa and I road a hard first lap and then cruised the second lap finishing ~19th overall with a time of 5:21. We got hit by rain, thunder, and lighting (the lighting missed) for the last 20 minutes of the race which only made it more fun. Here is the Strava link for our race. The race starts in waves based on expected finish time rolling out a nice dirt road with a few short climbs and descents before heading into singletrack. We never felt stuck behind riders it was fairly easy to pass. There is an aid station at 1/2 lap and then at the end of the lap. The course changes a lot during a lap, between tight singletrack, steep climbs, dirt road, and fun descents. This makes it interesting because it forces you to change your rhythm. Here is a to long video from the race front and rear camera: Youtube

Course: The new course is slower but shorter than the old so the finish times are similar. For a tandem, the start is great both because of the wave-based start and the dirt road miles before hitting the singletrack. There are 3 spots that are basically mandatory dismounts. 2 are short but really steep climbs, you are unlikely to have the gearing/power to ride up and you will be joined by 1/2 bikes also walking. The other is a combination of a few large rocks. There is really no way to ride it on a tandem, you end up pushing carrying the bike about 15ft. There are a few other challenging spots but all very ridable and fun. Trailforks Map of the course

Recommendations: This would be a great first tandem race if you have not done one yet. Camp at the event, there is a lot of room. Be ready for a short but hard rainstorm or extreme heat.



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